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Who am I?

Jolien Coenraets, entrepreneurship trainer

I graduated in 2012 as a Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. During my first master year, I started my own company G-flux, a smartphone GPS application company, together with some friends. That's when I realized (technology) entrepreneurship was a passion that I always had in me but that had been waiting to reveal itself until the right moment was there.

I now work as a teaching assistant at Ghent University where I transfer my entrepreneurship passion to students. I teach the Lean Launchpad course and I'm an assistant for the computer science project course Design Project. I also help professors to add entrepreneurship to their courses and I'm a business coach for student entrepreneurs at Ghent University.

My passions are coaching (student) start-ups, teaching Lean Launchpad and all things related to it (customer discovery, business model canvas, etc) and combining technology and entrepreneurship.

My Main Skills

From idea to business in a lean way

I'm a huge fan of the Lean philosophy and the Customer Discovery process. I believe these methods help you to bring structure in the chaos of starting your own company.

I followed the official Lean Launchpad teachers training at Stanford in the company of Steve Blank himself. I use all the tools and techniques I use during training myself on various projects and in various environments.

Business model generation & canvas

Lean Launchpad methodology

Value proposition design & canvas

Customer discovery process

Lean startup

Teaching & transfering knowledge

Tech entrepreneurship



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Super Hero

My Services

Different ways to write success


Looking for a session on your next conference or team day? Do you want to spark some people with the entrepreneurial vibe or do you want to introduce them to specific concepts? A workshop or inspirational talk can help you with that.

Depending on the group size the contents may vary from practical exercises to a discussion of good examples. The contents can vary widely but I prefer the topics I know best.

Startup training

The startup training helps you to gain a wide variety of startup skills and knowledge regarding starting lean. During the training you can work on your own idea and you will receive lots of feedback from the teaching staff and your peers.

Training comes in different formats such as the typical 10-week course or an intensive program. It can be offered as a white label course and can target startup founders and intrapreneurs.

Next course: May - July 2016, Ghent.

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Coaching & mentoring

Are you looking for an extra coach or mentor to support the program you are offering? I can jump in and support the existing team and program or be the main coach and follow the program's structure.

Based on my own experiences I can mentor the startup team and guide them through several stages in the startup process. When needed, I refer them to contacts from my network of entrepreneurs and startups.

Why work with me?

A short summary


I started my own company when I was still a university student and launched a couple of products and services. I have experience as a founder, as a teacher and as a coach and mentor. I've experienced many processes and stages I teach about myself and of course I dealt with the much needed failures.


With my workshops and trainings I strive to provide high-quality content that has an impact on your start-up and business ideas. All trainings offer a mix of a decent knowledge about the tool or process in combination with application to your own idea.


Being a computer science engineer, I have a wide knowledge of technology and IT-related topics. I followed the Lean Launchpad instructors training from Steve Blank and followed several trainings regarding teaching in general and teaching entrepreneurship.


Stories in which I passed by

Jolien has coached several of the student entrepreneurs that are also part of iMinds iStart.Light program. Her approach made sure the start-ups kept their focus and improved their business case very fast.

Lisa Pattyn
Student entrepreneurship program manager @ iMinds

Jolien is a certified Lean Launchpad trainer who combines teaching and coaching skills with her own entrepreneurial background to provide realistic insights and experience based feedback. Entrepreneurs learn best from other entrepreneurs!

Frank Gielen
Entrepreneurship professor @ Ghent University

My startup story

A travel through time

  • Founded G-flux

    When I was in my first master year of Computer Science Engineering back in 2011, I started working on mobile apps for cyclist with some fellow students for a course. We got some traction and decided to continue with the project.

  • Joined iStart.light incubator

    We were part of the first batch of the iStart.light incubation program from iMinds which specifically targets students. We received 25K € funding.

  • Launched Mission Atlantis

    In 2013 G-flux launched Mission Atlantis, a B2B product to promote sports to employees. It was the successor of our Bike To The Moon prototype for iMinds. We didn't know about starting lean back then, which was our biggest mistake.

  • Learned about customer discovery

    I still remember the moment I was reading Steve Blank's book The startup owner's manual and realized that all the mistakes I had made where stated in the book. How could I not have known? Why did nobody tell me about this?

  • Intrapreneur instead of entrepreneur

    Due to Mission Atlantis' failure, I started working at Ghent University to change some courses and to spread entrepreneurship inside the university. I realized I loved teaching and being an intrapreneur and changemaker.

  • First Lean Launchpad class @UGent

    In 2014 I followed my Lean Launchpad training at Stanford and met Steve Blank himself. I created the Lean Launchpad class at Ghent University (called Dare to start) and the first batch of students finished at the end of 2014.

  • Founded Startup Stories

    I received many request from people external to the university regarding the class. I also got asked to give talks or give entrepreneurship summer schools. I want to broaden my audience and have more impact by helping all sorts of people, young or old, inside university or not. That's why I founded Startup Stories.

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